He begs for her cock

Femdom Command - He begs for her cock

He may be a man, but when it’s him and his controlling girl, he’s the one with the man-pussy. Femdom command. Watch him beg to have her hard plastic cock invade his tender hole.

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Dominating bitch dominates her man

Femdom Command - Dominating bitch dominates her man

Bitch is in control, and she proves this to her pussy boyfriend by squeezing his head with her luscious thighs. Femdom command. He will never dare say no to her again!

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Mistress spanks her toy

Femdom Command - Mistress spanks her toy

Mistress’ favorite toys include a whip and gag. She spanks her disobedient toy until he whimpers and begs for sweet release, his hard cock jutting towards his stomach.

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His ass is whacked good

Femdom Command - His ass is whacked good

After receiving a thorough caning from his mistress, this cowering man worships every inch of her body, paying special attention to her tasty and plump ass cheeks.

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He relies on her to cum

Femdom Command - He relies on her to cum

Tied and bound man wants to cum, but it’s up to his leather-clad girlfriend to decide when he has earned the right to spew from his hard, throbbing cock.

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Her ass demands licking

Femdom Command - Her ass demands licking

Her ass is feeling neglected, so this in-control bitch squats over her prisoner’s face and forces him to lick her until she quivers and reaches orgasm.

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This bitch is in charge

Femdom Command - This bitch is in charge

She may be the one getting fucked, but this domineering bitch is the one who is in charge. Femdom command. She instructs him on her pressing needs, and he obeys without uttering a word.

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She roughs with his cock

Femdom Command - She roughs with his cock

Female dominatrix isn’t always careful when she plays with his cock. Femdom command. She squeezes tightly and claws at him until he’s moaning and whimpering her name.

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Fat man needs a lesson

Femdom Command - Fat man needs a lesson

Hefty man needs to have his naughty ass punished by a bitch who is not afraid to deliver a harsh punishment. Femdom command. Her hand strikes him until he’s red and tender.

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His penis gets punished

Femdom Command - His penis gets punished

He’s been a bad, misbehaving boy as of late, so he pays the fucking price by having his cock and balls subjected to electroshock torture that drives him mad.

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